My Story


I am the founder of Zest For Life STUDIO, a space for ENERGY, movement and happiness. I AIM TO Awaken your zest AND TO HELP YOU be the best version of yourself enjoy A personal touch AND OUTDOOR CLASSES IN A VERY NATURAL ENVIRONMENT. WITH MORE THAN 1,000 CLASSES OF ZESTY FITNESS, I can not wait to start zesty season 4!

I have passionately spent 20 years of my life in movement training, pursuing ballet at first, turning to modern dance, fitness aerobic and eventually discovering Hot Yoga. Running, swimming and playing tennis have complemented my routine as social activities I’ve been able to share with my husband, kids, sisters and friends.

Certified PT Level 3

Zumba Instruct, nutrition and weight management specialist,

I created a unique garden fitness studio surrounded by nature and my own Zesty Fitness program, a cocktail of a zesty theme workout circuit and a sequence of zumba. 


I’m in pursuit of vitality, emotional well-being,…

….happy body and mind. Life should be full of Zest… every day! No more tiredness, but a zest of freshness and dynamism.  

After 10 years in Brand Marketing, it was time to add and spread splashes of colour to my life, my family, my aspiration and others; and become who I really am ….

a “Zest For Life” …