All we need it is a beat! Join me in one of my Zumba Kids classes.

Children Zumba class is the perfect recipe for fitness fun, easy step routine, games; giving your little ones the love of dancing, shaking and developing creativity and imagination. 

It is a well known fact that fitness is an essential part of children’s health. Zumba, which means “moving quickly and having fun” helps incorporate exercise into kids’ lives in a fun and easy way, with a multiple personal and social benefits :

  • Improve coordination and boost self-esteem.
  • Increase memory and creativity.
  • Facilitate team work and leadership.
  • Increase overall cardio and fitness level.
  • Improve sleep and concentration.
  • and increase the so important “feel good hormones” thanks to lots of laugh and fun!

Where and When do I teach ZUMBA KIDS AFTER SCHOOL classes ?: 

I am currently ASP leaders at Lycee International Winston Churchill – WEMBLEY. 

  • Tuesday at Zest For Life Studio – Zesty Zumba Kids class (Year 5-8 – Intermediate/ advance) 
  • Wednesday at 4pm (Secondary 12 yo+) at LIL.
  • Thursday at 3.3 pm (Year 4-6/ 8-11 yo) at LIL. 

“Teaching kids and passing my passion of movement bring me so much joy and a strong feeling of achievement, If can I contribute to introduce them to key physical and emotional skills to help them live a healthy and fulfilling life full of Zest, I could not ask for more as they are key skills for adult life. Moving is a state of mind that you need to learn from an early age.  Today it seems to come less and less naturally. “