Love Your ZEST. Love Your NEST.

Be at your BEST.

Hi! I’m Marion, @MarionZesty

I founded Zest For Life STUDIO in 2016 as a unique place to share a zesty moment of movement, to embrace ourselves, relieve our limits and power Up.

If you need someone to infuse joy and understanding to your exercise sessions, Zesty Fitness is the best programs and classes to go : I am passionate to give you a hint of vitality for your day, feel your body live again, awake your potential and increase results.

Together, we share an invigorating session and enjoy … “Living at our ZEST“ (best)! 

Zesty Monthly News


I am so looking forward to make Zesty Fitness Spring Term begin and build another zesty journey with you with this newly themed challenge. From Zest to Best through Sunshine, I am here to support you in your exercising training and build you strength inside out, feel empowered and learn how to connect with your magical body to reduce pain, feel energised, look vibrant and healed.

*NEW CLASS*: From end of May, I am very excited to start a NEW EVENING class for those of you who can only join after-work: Zesty Evening Zumba + Abs Blast every Tuesday at 7.45pm. After a long day of work, free your soul and body with a fun, sweaty zumba class + happy belly finisher. Sometimes, ALL WE NEED IS A GOOD SWEAT

You will primarily join me to achieve very valuable physique goals (how to lose weight, how to reduce pain, how to move better, how to get stronger) and i hope to show the path to go to the next deeper, more balanced, connected level to pursuit your fulfilling, empowering zesty lifestyle.

Let’s BE ZESTY together. See you soon. 

Join me on a new journey of fitness and reap the rewards of a ZESTY class!

Discover the 3 ingredients that make Zest For Life STUDIO a special place:


A Unique Fitness  Programme
from Zest to Best

Every class is designed with deep attention and true passion including the most recent technique and latest basic and challenging moves for ultimate results. We always start with a mobility warm up and ends with leaning dynamic stretches. 

A variety of classes
to choose from…

Small Class Size & Personal Touch

A real boutique, homely fitness  studio located at the back of a garden for a maximum of personal teaching.
Only 6 students per class.

All classes are Hybrid:
join me at the studio or the comfort of your home

Outdoor Garden Classes

Imagine exercising under a blue sky and trees, feeling the breeze and the warmth from the sun…
in London! This is not a dream.
Vitamin D extra shot.

Zest For Life Promises:

Nourishing and balancing you. Rediscovering your Zest for life.

Revitalising your health and wellbeing to feel like YOU again.

Try out any themed Zesty Group every morning at 9am or late afternoon from Monday to Saturday.

All classes are hybrid. You can join either at the studio or in the comfort of your home.

PT or duo classes are available on demand during lunch time, early morning or weekends.

If you are looking for more personalisation to create a specific programme, or for any rehab programme after an injury or pregnancy, Zesty PT Ultimate Experience are the perfect class for you.


If you go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together.


H.I.I.T + Strong sync



Happy Belly


Personal Training










''I love the new Zest for Life Studio course. It allows me to stretch my body smoothly and gain flexibility, in a very friendly atmosphere. I can't wait the next course!''


''Un cours sympa, où tout "s'emboîte" parfaitement : zumba, renforcement musculaire et tout cela coaché de façon très pro, et on ressort totalement heureuse"


I am passionate to serve you to find your best zest
day after day and be happy.