Zesty Fitness

« Zesty Fitness » is an unique invigorating, powerful session.

“Why includes a zest of Fitness?”


Zumba fitness is a great and fun way to move and express our body. It revitalises our bodies with simple, but effective fitness and dance steps. There’s a reason it’s so often called “exercise in disguise”! It allows us to fill the air with dance creativity and expression – all driven by infectious rhythms and music. Don’t worry if you’ve never done Zumba before. Don’t worry too if it’s been a long time since you’ve exercised your body and lungs. Zest For Life STUDIO is a space that I created especially for sharing the adventure of refilling, refuelling and energising in an warm and friendly atmosphere, free of judgement.

1 – Warm Up

Series of Dynamic wake up and stretching moves

2 – HITT or Low Impact Circuit

To elevate your heart beats while burning calories

3 – Sculpting & toning Workout

To refine & sculpt your abs, legs, and arms in rotation.

4 – Final Zumba Sequence

Up to 5 dynamic dance routines to have fun & express ourselves

5 – Cool Down & Stretching

we take time to relax and lean our body for maximum recovery.

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